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In House programs for the Fall of 2022 are open to players that will be 7, 8, 9, or 10 by 12/31/2023.

Our emphasis is to provide a fun environment in which players can be learn the skills necessary for them to continue to enjoy the sport of soccer in coming years. Competition is de-emphasized.  We practice as one group, though players are assigned on teams.   Players may be switched between teams at game time to even out teams.   We keep the team sizes low so that players experience plenty of game time.  We usually only have one or two main coaches, though we may bring in others to assist throughout the season.

Skill development and individual play is encouraged.  Team play is introduced, this follows the players natural psychological development.  "Ball Hogs" are still encouraged, as they still need may years of trying their one v one skills.   Our games are small sided 3v3, 4v4 purposely.  Coaches will enter the field of play during games, as needed.  Referees also participate in instructions.  Players rotate positions during the game, including keeper.  This is all part of the overall plan of instructions. 

Skills taught include the basic (dribbling, passing, receiving, turning, and shooting), but also include higher level skills (heading, volleys, fakes, defending, wall passes, team tactics).

Teams will practice once or twice a week and play games each week.

Game Times will be on Saturdays and possibly a rotation of week nights at Gillis Field (Talmadge Park).

Your child needs to bring shin guards (wear underneath socks), proper shoes (cleats preferred if wet field), and a drink.  It is a good idea for them to have a ball at home to practice with and to bring to practice (not to games) - sizes 3 will be used.