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EHYS members have access to Sports Sign-Up Play App, which can be found on the App stores or a link in the email reminders you receive for practices/games.

Each season, you need to logout and log back in to add the new season's teams, even if they are in the same group as each season the groups are a different team on the website (Fall, Spring, Winter, etc.).  For in-house teams, you will need to add the practice group and the team they are assigned (once assigned) to have the full schedule of practices and games.  

In order for you to see the team, you have to use the email you used to register in the system.   If you have any issues, email ehyspresident@gmail.com with the email that is not working, and it could be that the email is not in that system and I can add it.  If you want others to be able to use the App, just email me with their email address(es).  

Also, when you look at your schedules using our website, you can add them to your normal calendar systems.