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Spring Season Update - Coronavirus
Hi All, I just wanted to update everyone as to the status of...
How to sign up a child
To sign up, the process is called registration.   For registration...
Spring 2020 Registration is temporarily closed
Spring 2020 - Registration is Temporarily Closed! If you would...
Blue EHYS Hoodies
Now that the weather has turned a bit cooler, EHYS is making available...
Lightning and Thunder Policy
  Connecticut Junior Soccer Association Policy: 7. Lightning...
Adding Teams to SportsSignup Play App
If your child is on the team (you receive reminder notifications),...
US Youth Soccer Newsletters
Here at US Youth Soccer we want to keep you informed with what is...
Linking Schedules to Calendars
Hi All, We receive many inquiries about practices/games. ...
Spring Season Update - Coronavirus

Hi All,

I just wanted to update everyone as to the status of Spring soccer in East Haven.  Currently, like the schools, soccer is on hold.  The Mayor contacted me yesterday and we will be working with the town and the District/State as we move forward. 

We have put all registrations on hold and Registration is temporary closed.   If you are still interested in joining, check back on April 15th for an update.  If the season is delayed, we will open registration back up.

As of now, no practices can take place through at least April 15th.  Opening Day for the in-house and clinics is tentatively scheduled for April 25th, while Travel is TBD (as stated below).   This is currently about a 2 week delay from what we were scheduling for practices and not a delay for clinics.   

As the situation is updated, I will continue to update all of you.   

Stay safe and hope to see you all in April.  

John Gildersleeve


East Haven Youth Soccer



Hola a todos,

Solo quería actualizar a todos sobre el estado del fútbol de primavera en East Haven. Actualmente, como las escuelas, el fútbol está en espera. El Alcalde me contactó ayer y trabajaremos con la ciudad y el Distrito / Estado a medida que avanzamos.

A partir de ahora, no se pueden realizar prácticas hasta al menos el 15 de abril. El día de apertura para la clínica y las clínicas está programado tentativamente para el 25 de abril, mientras que Travel es TBD (como se indica a continuación). Actualmente se trata de un retraso de 2 semanas de lo que estábamos programando para las prácticas y no un retraso para las clínicas.

A medida que se actualice la situación, continuaré actualizándolos a todos.

Manténgase a salvo y espero verlos a todos en abril.

John Gildersleeve


East Haven Youth Soccer



by posted 03/13/2020
How to sign up a child

To sign up, the process is called registration.   For registration for travel players, you will need a picture of your child (passport/school style) and proof of birth that will be uploaded. 

First, click on the tab above labelled CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.  This will take you to our registration site.  From there, you again click on Click Here to Register

Choose the registration program for your first child and follow the instructions.  If you have more than one child registering, it will ask you if you want to register another one during the process.

Once all the registrations are complete, it will ask for payment.  If payment is not processed, the registration will not be completed, and the child will not be registered.  

A successful registration will be followed by an email confirmation letting you know that you were successful.Travel players, you will need a picture of your child (passport/school style) and proof of birth that will be uploaded. 


by posted 02/12/2020
Spring 2020 Registration is temporarily closed

Spring 2020 - Registration is Temporarily Closed!

If you would like to volunteer as a coach, you must register on the registration page coach as well, this will allow EHYS to submit for your background check. Any questions regarding the new registration system can be directed to ehyspresident@gmail.com. 


The Spring Season runs from Middle of April to Middle of June.

The Registration Guarantee Deadline is March 8th for travel teams (2005-2010), April 1st for our In-House 2010 - 2013 Program . Registrations could close after this date, if age groups are full.  

If players can't commit to practices and weekend games, then they should probably not join unless they are playing Premier Soccer in addition. Commitment doesn't mean every practice and game, but making it occasionally is not acceptable either. Soccer is a game where touching the ball is where you learn. By only going to games or only going to practices the players tend to get lost and not enjoy the game and we want them to learn and love the game. Please sign them up when they are available and ready to play. Playing multiple sports during the same season is difficult, and the recent trend of parents pulling their kids from teams once the schedules are compared is not fair to anyone and refunds will not be given.

Please select the proper age group (travel or in-house) and for travel choose with or without uniform (without is for players that have previously purchased a travel uniform or for players born in 2005 or before).

The In-house league and clinics include the shirts.

AGES AND FEES: Programs are grouped by birth date:

Little Kicks Clinic- Birth Years 2016, 2017 (Fee $70)

Micros Clinic- Birth Years 2014, 2015 (Fee $70)

In House League- Birth Years 2010-2013 (Fee $100)

Travel - 2005-2010 (Fee $120) - Uniform is additional $35, if needed

Anticipated Practice/Game Days and Times

Little Kicks / Micros: Saturday Mornings at 9/10 am

In House Boys and Girls - Tuesdays and Thursdays 5:30 - 7:30 (Boys 5:30-6:30, Girls 6:30-7:30).  Games Saturdays between 9am - 1:30pm

Travel - 

Due to lack of older player registrations, below are the only teams for this Spring.

U12 Girls (2008/2009/2010) - Mon and Wed

U15 Girls (2005/2006/2007) - Mon and Wed

U12 Boys (2008/2009/2010) - Mon and Wed

Games usually Sat/Sun, but can be weeknights during Spring.

Any questions, please email ehyspresident@gmail.com



by posted 12/27/2019
Blue EHYS Hoodies

Now that the weather has turned a bit cooler, EHYS is making available the Blue Hoodies for sale again at a price of $25.

We currently have about 40 in stock (especially size YS),  though some sizes are limited.  For those in stock, I will make them available based on when the orders are received (first to order receives them).  If orders are made and we run out of a size, we will make an order in about a week and they will be available about two weeks after that.  


Orders are made by using the Registration Program  by pressing Click Here to Register on top of this page



by posted 10/11/2019
Lightning and Thunder Policy


Connecticut Junior Soccer Association Policy:

7. Lightning – Recognizing the threat. Apply the 30-30 rule: When you see lightning,

count the time until you hear thunder. If this time is 30 seconds or less, seek proper shelter.

If you can’t see the lightning, just hearing the thunder is a good back-up rule. Wait 30

minutes or more after hearing the last thunder before leaving shelter. Referees must protect

the safety of all participants by stopping game activities quickly, so that participants and

spectators may retire to a safer place before the lightning threat becomes significant.

Remember, if you can hear the thunder, you are within reach of lightning.

by posted 05/07/2019
Adding Teams to SportsSignup Play App

If your child is on the team (you receive reminder notifications), then you will be able to add them to a SportsSignUp App

Between seasons (Winter to Spring, Spring to Summer or Fall, etc) you will need to logoff of the App on the phone.  You can do this by clicking on More, scroll down and click on Log Out on the bottom.   If you don't do this, the new teams may not come up as options.

Click on My Teams

Click on the toggle widget on the top of the screen (Edit Teams)
Move the "toggle" for the teams you want to on (green)
The team will now show up on top.

by posted 03/06/2017
US Youth Soccer Newsletters

Here at US Youth Soccer we want to keep you informed with what is happening in the world of youth soccer. We offer many ways to get information from USYouthSoccer.org to social media.  A simple way to get the information you are looking for is through our newsletter subscriptions - which deliver the info right to your inbox.

Click on the link below to register for your choice of electronic newsletters.



by posted 07/05/2016
Linking Schedules to Calendars

Hi All,

We receive many inquiries about practices/games.  The easiest way to have the information with you at all times is to link your calendars on your cell phone, tablet, and/or computer to your child's schedule(s).  Here are the directions.  Once your child is placed on a team, simply follow this and your calendar will be live and updated as our website is update.  It also includes field locations.  For our in-house, you can do it now for practices Boys Practice/Girls Practice and once we place players on the team within the next week, you can add the team also.


Here are the directions that you have to do from your phone (you could do the same from your computer if you want it on your computer calendar also)

Click on team


If you need more than one team, choose multi-schedule, choose Spring 2016, and     click on all the teams you need, keep the default schedule type unless you need a different one.  Click Submit.


If you only have one team, choose division and team.  Then choose schedule.


Click options, calendar feed, and choose google (droids) or ical (iphones).  Now your calendar on your phone will keep the schedule, even as updates are made.

If you haven't done this - it is a must do!!!  For players with phones, have them do it also so everyone in the house knows their schedules at all times.

by posted 04/13/2016
Field Status
EH High School - East Haven OPEN (4/10) 
Gillis Field East Haven - East Haven OPEN (4/10) 
Moulthrop Field - East Haven OPEN (4/10) 
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