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Fall 2022 Registration Season
Fall 2022 - Registration is Open! East Haven Youth Soccer is...
Hi All, Youth Soccer in CT is always short of referees. ...
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EHYS members have access to Sports Sign-Up Play App,...
How to sign up a child
To sign up, the process is called registration.   For registration...
Fall 2022 Registration Season

Fall 2022 - Registration is Open!

East Haven Youth Soccer is using the Sports Connect site for Registration only.   You can get there by clicking the button above or using this link:


Please contact us via email if you have any questions or problems with registration and we will try and assist you.

The Fall Season runs from End of August to Mid-November.


The Registration Guarantee Deadline is August 14th for travel teams (2008-2013) and Sept 1st for our In-House 2013 - 2016 Program . Registrations could close after this date, if age groups are full, as Travel teams did in the Spring.  

If players can't commit to practices and weekend games, then they should probably not join unless they are playing Premier Soccer in addition. Commitment doesn't mean every practice and game, but making it occasionally is not acceptable either. Soccer is a game where touching the ball is where you learn. By only going to games or only going to practices the players tend to get lost and not enjoy the game and we want them to learn and love the game. Please sign them up when they are available and ready to play. Playing multiple sports during the same season is difficult, and the recent trend of parents pulling their kids from teams once the schedules are compared is not fair to anyone and refunds will not be given.

The Registration Program will only allow you to select the program(s) that your child is eligible for (based on birth date).

The In-house league and clinics include the shirts.

AGES AND FEES: Programs are grouped by birth date:

Micros Clinic- Birth Years 2017, 2018, 2019 (Fee $75) 

In House League- Birth Years 2013-2016 (Fee $100) 

Travel - 2008-2013 (Fee $125) - Uniforms are additional and can be used for multiple seasons.  They can be selected during the registration process (offered as separate components in case parents only need to replace a part of the uniform package)

Players born in 2013 (U10) can join either the travel program or the in-house program.  


Micros Program
A clinic program designed for young children being introduced to the game.
This program is a normally 8 weeks with a program that mixes a repetitive program and games which helps younger children with confidence and learning.
-Led by Professional Trainers Saturdays at Gillis Field (Talmadge Park)
-Times 9-9:45am, 10-10:45am (younger players will be earlier, older players later)
-Eight (8) (as weather permits - EHYS plans for 10-11 weeks of available weeks)
-45 minute sessions total
-Players are broken into smaller groups for various games (obstacle course, simon says, mother may I, clear the forest) for the first half followed by Small Sided Games (3v3, 4v4) for the older kids to encourage more touches on the ball and more FUN.
In-House League
Specifically designed to introduce the game to U7-U10 players. (U10 players can alternatively play travel)
We need Parent Volunteers to help manage weekly sessions.
Parents are not expected to run the practice but help the trainers throughout the session.
-boys and girls split in different groups as number allows
-1 week night session led by Professional Trainer with parent coaches (Tuesdays for boys, Thursdays for girls), as we have enough daylight, we will offer both nights for boys and girls.
-Games on Saturday Mornings run by parent coaches with oversight as needed.
-Times 10am-1pm
-Eight (8) games
-60 minute sessions total; however extra weeks may be added
-Small Sided Games (4v4) to encourage more touches on the ball and more FUN
Travel Teams
East Haven Youth Soccer Travel program is for players turning 10 -15 in 2023
Parents are encouraged to volunteer as coaches/managers/assistant coaches.
-Week Night -2 Evenings by Professional/Parent coaches at Gillis/Talmadge (U12 and younger) or Moulthrop Field (U13-U15)
Saturdays/Sundays at EHYS Home Fields and other South Central District teams Home Fields

by posted 06/18/2022

Hi All,

Youth Soccer in CT is always short of referees.  Without referees, games can't be played.  Many of our players join the rank of referees as they join our travel teams by refereeing our in-house games.  It's a great source of income for our youth.

As they get older, they require certification.  This allows them to referee all over CT, including tournaments.  Even for adults, it is a great source for extra income.  With the CT Sportsplex in our backyard, many EH referees are able to add games there to supplement their income made in East Haven.  

If you or your child is interested in joining the referee ranks, you can contact Bryan Szewc at ehysreferee@gmail.com



by posted 04/11/2022
Schedule App

EHYS members have access to Sports Sign-Up Play App, you need to logout and log back in (every season) to add the new season's teams.  In order for you to see the team, you have to use the email you used to register in the system.   If you have any issues, email ehyspresident@gmail.com with the email that is not working, and it could be that the email is not in that system and I can add it.  If you want others to be able to use it, just email me with their email address(es).  


Also, when you look at your schedules, you will see from our website, you can add them to your normal calendar systems.

by posted 03/21/2021
How to sign up a child

To sign up, the process is called registration.   For registration for travel players, you will need a picture of your child (passport/school style) and proof of birth that will be uploaded. 

This will be updated with our new Registration Programs once we return to play


by posted 02/12/2020
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