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Fall 2020 Season Cancelled
Hello, East Haven Youth Soccer has decided to cancel our Fall...
How to sign up a child
To sign up, the process is called registration.   For registration...
Fall 2020 Season Cancelled


East Haven Youth Soccer has decided to cancel our Fall Season.  Though our state is leading the nation in the current state of the Pandemic, the dangers and the consequences are too great currently.  The focus has to be on return to school safely without the challenges that will happen when players test positive and the snowball effect it will have in school.

This summer, we received a notification from our District of a family that tested positive who had attended a camp in a nearby town.  The entire program was shut down, many families put on quarantine, and in addition another town’s Summer League High School team was also put on quarantine.  If this had been during School time, the effects would've been multiplied many times over.

For those families that want to have their children play soccer in the Fall, they are welcome to sign up with any town program.  You can easily search a program using google, but if you can’t find a certain town program, you are welcome to reach out to me.  One warning, I would ask about what their refund policy will be if we get shut down again – including uniform costs.  From what I hear, most towns gave credits or partial refunds, unlike the 100% refund we gave (we took a financial loss due to our transaction fees).    I listed a few town’s websites below.

If parents are thinking about joining any Premier programs at this time, please enter with open eyes.  Currently, many of the programs have a strict no refund policy (one local Premier Program now has it in their documentation of no refunds stating they will offer virtual if the seasons end).   As a person that paid for a player whose season was interrupted by the Pandemic, I can tell you that virtual was of no interest to the player, so a lot of money was lost.



https://www.guilfordsoccer.org/guilfordsoccer  (The Director of Coaching is a former EHYS coach and welcomes East Haven Travel Players if they have room)


In addition, we will communicate any skills clinics that are available. 

Please stay safe and hope we can offer a program either in the Winter or Spring

by posted 08/23/2020
How to sign up a child

To sign up, the process is called registration.   For registration for travel players, you will need a picture of your child (passport/school style) and proof of birth that will be uploaded. 

This will be updated with our new Registration Programs once we return to play


by posted 02/12/2020
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